It’s your chance to get a window into where modular synthesis can begin – and virtually travel to Beirut, Lebanon for the experience – Thursday July 22 at 10AM Pacific / 7PM Central Europe.

Bana (at left, gesturing) teaching in Beirut’s newly-opened center. Photo courtesy the artist.

We got a glimpse inside the Beirut Synthesizer Center – a location that, against the odds, is braving infrastructure and governance collapse continue to keep alive electronic musical practice – even when power supplies are erratic.

Now is your chance to visit, in a live, free workshop hosted by us with EXP_ (a project of Your Mom’s Agency) and LA’s DUblab, an exchange and communication platform in which you can also participate.

Bana is our professor tomorrow; can’t wait to hear what she’s got for us:

Presented by CDM for EXP__:

Always wanted to get into modular synthesis but not sure where to start? The Beirut Synthesizer Center team has got you covered!

“You are only as expressive as your control voltages.” -Todd Barton

The purpose of this workshop is to demystify the process of modular synthesis, specifically the Eurorack format. We will talk about the different types of synthesis, the basics of sound, voltage control, signal types, and patch philosophy.

Join via Zoom on Thursday July 22, 10am PT – 1pm EST – 7pm CET:

EXP___ workshops are free to attend and suitable for artists of all levels, we will focus on music production techniques as well as some industry tips, and will end with an open Q&A (feel free to post your questions on this event wall in advance).

More info on EXP___ exchange platform and contest on

Once again, the direct link to join via Zoom is –

If you can’t join, we hope to present an archived version depending on the success/quality of recording.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy Bana’s music.

Perfect for digital diggers, here is a wild and hack-y treasure trove of links, ranging from musical projects to synth information and radio shows and mixes and sound presets for Novation Peak. It’s beautiful, a mirror of Bana’s mind –