The sacred timeline has been restored. The greatest, strangest, glitchiest, most destructive plug-ins of the early 2000s are here with 64-bit support for Mac and Windows, Apple Silicon support on Mac, and UIs that look even more horrible than before. And they’re still free.

Kids, ask your parents about “Destroy FX” and watch their IDM-dork eyes mist up with tears of pure glitch.

Sophia and Tom 7, the devs, are pure genius.

And these plug-ins did all sorts of incredible things for music. No one can forget that first moment when they loaded up Buffer Override and … okay, possibly just crashed their system. But after that? Magic.

Skeuomorphic? S****ymorphic is better. Thanks, Tom 7!

Apart from glitching out audio like you have an early 2000s driver problem, this lineup is capable of some wild timbres and genuinely useful stuff you can’t get anywhere else. It holds up. And incredibly, it’s now kinda, well, stable – up to 2021 stability expectations, even.

The full suite runs on 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Macs – and there’s a native Apple Silicon build, too.

Each plug-in now boasts new contextual menus for loading up documentation and help, randomizing parameters or setting defaults, and generating parameter automation snapshots.

You can save and load preset files, copy and paste.

There’s easy MIDI learn, and now even MIDI channel aftertouch assignment so you can kind of play these plug-ins expressively – ideal for live use.

There’s more, too – also across the whole line:

  • All parameter value text displays are editable.
  • Control surface support (parameter short-name variants).
  • Parameter value change smoothing/dezippering nearly everywhere possible.
  • Most of the Audio Unit versions can process any number of audio channels.
  • Many minor enhancements and bug fixes.

MIDI Gater now has a low-pass gate, separate attack and release, and audio input floor.

Monomaker offers more control.

Rez Synth adds new resonance algorithm options, full DASR envelopes, and tons of additional parameters.

Scrubby has separate dry and wet plus audio improvements.

Transverb has freeze.

Loads of other improvements, too.

You kids today with your shiny new M1 MacBooks. You don’t know how it was trying to load these up on a new build of Mac OS X where basically nothing worked. Channel aftertouch assignment – ha!

“But grampa, what does a buffer override do?”

I mean, this:

And this (cool but grampa who is that strange puppet I’ve never seen him on Instagram):

Here’s kind of a better view:

Here’s what we get:

  • Buffer Override 2.7.
  • EQ Sync 1.1.
  • Geometer 1.2.
  • MIDI Gater 2.0.
  • Monomaker 1.1.
  • Polarizer 1.1.
  • Rez Synth 2.0.
  • Scrubby 1.1.
  • Skidder 2.0.
  • Transverb 1.5.1.


KVR is the herald of the good news:

Destroy FX updates Buffer Override, EQ Sync, Geometer, MIDI Gater, Monomaker, Polarizer, Rez Synth, Scrubby, Skidder, & Transverb – incl. 64-bit & Apple Silicon

And wow, even the site hasn’t changed – optimized for what I can only guess is an 800×600 display?

Young and old alike, go forth and destroy things.