We’re pleased to introduce our latest addition to the MeeBlip line – the simple but essential interface and thru box for MIDI we needed ourselves. Here’s cubit duo.

You know the need. You’ve got some MIDI gear, and you need to connect it to your computer – or your iPad, or a phone, or a Raspberry Pi. You want it to work via USB. You want it to be reliable and for the timing to be solid. You don’t want to have to install drivers – or you’ve got a device (like a phone or Linux) that doesn’t work with Windows or Mac drivers.

Or you’ve got some cute compact synths and drum machines and boxes and… huh. They’ve got MIDI IN, but no MIDI out.

cubit duo solves all of this in one device. And it’s two gadgets in one (literally, because it replaces two devices we used to make separately).

Standalone, it’s a 4-port MIDI splitter – also known as a MIDI thru box. Plug MIDI into the MIDI IN jack, and whatever is sent to that input is sent simultaneously to all four OUT jacks – with near-zero latency, so it’s perfect for clock signal or anything needing ultra-tight timing.

Connected via USB to a computer or (with adapter) mobile device, it’s an interface and a thru box. It appears to the connected device as a 1×1 MIDI interface, but – here’s the twist – the MIDI OUT is sent to all four output jacks. Since MIDI has up to 16 channels, that can still work for four separate MIDI signals – but what you don’t get is the software lag some devices introduce. It’s a perfect way to connect four outputs without worrying about the interface adding any lag. (The usual lag and jitter the OS and computer add apply, but the four outputs will be in sync with one another.)

This replaces two separate devices – cubit splitter and cubit go – with all the benefits those devices offered. We got great feedback from all of you on those, but you clearly wanted them to be one device. We found a way to engineer that and add a simple switch to let you choose modes.

And you get all of this for US$79.95 / €79,95 (including VAT), shipping now.

North America + international: https://meeblip.com/products/meeblip-cubit-duo

EU/UK: https://meeblip.eu/products/meeblip-cubit-duo

Full specs:

  • USB mode: 1×1 USB MIDI interface
  • Standalone/THRU mode: 4-output MIDI splitter (thru box)
  • Four hardware-mirrored MIDI OUT jacks – no software lag, ultra-tight timing
  • Opto-isolated MIDI IN to reduce ground loops
  • High-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex processor
  • Class-compliant USB MIDI – no drivers needed
  • Bright green MIDI light flashes when sending or receiving data for easy troubleshooting
  • Size: 108 x 76 x 25 mm (4.25″ x 3:” x 1″), weight: 110 g (3.9 oz)
  • Includes 1 m (3 ft) USB cable
  • USB powered
  • Works with macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android*

(*iPhone or older iPad models require Lightning to USB adapter, sold separately. Android may require OTG USB adapter. Compatible device required.)

I’m really excited to be able to share this one with you – plus I’ve been waiting for my finished model to arrive myself, as it’s something I need all the time. Making gadgets like this one with my partner James Graham – engineer / Midisonic – means we can support making future synthesizers, too. It’ll be great to get those boxes out to you; hope you find these useful.

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