Have your synth and eat it, too. Redditers are on top of enough synth cakes to practically give you sugar shock right through the screen.

I think my favorite has to be this 2019 modular. Not exaggerating, I’ve seen actual Eurorack modules with sloppier-looking front panels, and you couldn’t even eat them.

(It does go well with chocolate.) And there’s always an 808:

But some folks are also digging deep. (And yeah, maybe DIYers were first in with the Reese’s peanut butter cup knob caps – see link at bottom.)

Cake makers are now rivaling plug-in developers in getting way into history.

But the others are terrific, too. I mean, sure, there’s always a Minimoog:

See the full thread; maybe they’ve added more:

So, any CDM readers managed some edible synths? We want to see them.

Or Americans, you can just carve the rig you dream of out of your mashed potatoes tomorrow at dinner, Close Encounters style.

Previously, in sugar-synth crossovers (I did talk to the team who did this, believe it or not):