FL Studio users got a nice solstice gift – lots of new features, covered in their lifetime updates plan.

For all the nice new stuff, Mac users I expect will be happiest about the M1 compatibility tweaks. Intel VST and AU plug-ins now work in the Apple Silicon native host via a process bridge. (Previously, you’d need to force FL Studio to run in Rosetta 2 as an Intel app.) I’m still hopeful more plug-ins add support, and AU don’t require the tweaks, but this is useful for VST-only plug-ins like VCV Rack Studio, at least until they’re updated.

As usual, FL has a lot of new goodies, though. In short:

New stuff:

Ooh, look at that. Okay, all pitch shifters should have this kind of interface.
  • Pitch Shifter with real-time pitch manipulation
  • Vintage Chorus a la Roland’s Juno-6, which it seems we can’t get away from these days
  • Stretch Pro for Sampler Channel and Audio Clips Instrument with real-time formant controls
  • SoundFont Player is back, now 64-bit, and on macOS even Apple Silicon native
  • Shift Markers in NewTone Editor
  • Improved Patcher Tool with a mini-map for navigation and grid – love that one, actually, it allows you to make custom-routed chains of instruments and effects
  • FLEX now lets you dump-to-score
  • Better audio recording with new input modes, monitoring, Playlist track controls
  • Clip Editor automation is improved with multi-point editing, target highlighting, and link management
  • 64-bit sample lengths for handling larger recordings and audio
  • Enhanced MIDI Scripting functionality
  • Improved Event to Automation Clip conversion
  • Multi-select, cloning in Playlist Tracks
  • Undo anything
  • Expanded Typing Keyboard features
  • Expanded Merge Clips
  • More Context Aware Value support across plugins and Automation Clips
Patcher was already a clever tool for routing sophisticated custom patch chains easily. (Uh, easily, cough, Logic Environment.) This is a minor update, but there’s now a grid to keep things neat and tidy and the thing with the rectangles bottom right is a heads-up overview of the overall patch.

In other words, it’s a great workflow release – especially for automation and recording and arrangement – with some new effects goodies to match.

FL STUDIO 20.9 Released

What’s new [documentation]