Presets? We don’t need no stinkin’ presets. Just like you can now wire up your own synths, effects, and sequencers, you can patch together visual effects, too. And the folks at Resolume are making it extra easy with templates, examples, and tutorials. Let’s get distorted.

It’s always been possible to layer up effects and parameters in semi-modular fashion in VJ tools. And we’ve seen dedicated environments like yesterday. The breakthrough in Resolume Wire is adding a full-blown visual patching environment for textures right inside a favorite media server/VJ tool (that being Resolume Avenue and Arena). Not only that, but you get patches that are portable between platforms, and it’s all native to the host.

What’s great about this is, you really get some flexibility with how your effect looks. And that’s nice – because I’m sure you’ve occasionally run up against a wall of not really getting a built-in effect to look the way you want.

Having a template to start with and this tutorial makes things a lot more accessible, especially as we all have spent way too much time looking at screens lately. Here they are:

Now go give them that coveted Create Digital Motion / CDM bump.

The distortion is my favorite, but they’ve got some other nice tutorials on their channel.

Oh, and by the way – I’d say don’t worry too much about which tool you use or where to start. The truth is, a lot of these basic skills transfer pretty easily from one tool to another. So if you practiced with a couple of examples yesterday in, then jumped into the demo of Wire and tried the distortion, you’re probably getting sharper at all of this. (Sometimes it even helps something click when you jump from one to another — if you don’t get too unfocused.)

UY offset? Yeah, that will come in handy elsewhere, too, once you grok it.

Wait, this is visual software, not music. Soundtrack needed for patching. This seems topic-appropriate: