Sinevibes continues all the lovely stuff they’re doing in DSP and effects, whether it’s for KORG gear or your computer. And now that includes a full range of Windows support, with even some tweaks and improvements on the macOS side in the deal.

I thought maybe we’d get one or two to start, but there’s a full menu of audio processing flavors for Windows users:

Albedo granular reverb

Blend v2 multi-voice chorus

Corrosion v2 multi-algorithm distortion

Dipole v2 through-zero flanger

Dispersion v2 bouncing-ball delay

Droplet v2 raindrop delay

Eternal v2 barber-pole flanger

Luminance v2 shimmer reverb

Whirl v2 barber-pole phaser

Rerun v2 self-randomizing repeater

If you’re cross-platform, a single purchase works both places.

It’s all terrifically useful stuff, especially if you don’t have some of these tools in your arsenal elsewhere. You can pick what you want a la carte, priced US$29 – 39, or else it’s $229 for a discounted bundle of all of it. (You can also see why subscription fees have an uphill battle in the music software world since buy-to-own is so competitive.)

Windows support is 64-bit only (though all the way back to Windows 8.1), with AAX and VST3.

The Mac isn’t left out, either – thanks to the update work, you get improved preset tools functionality, package
installer, and other “subtle enhancements.”

Once upon a time, “porting” from platform to platform incurred enormous expense and cause problems for developers and users alike. (I recall even some snide comments about how “port” evokes poor quality wine.) Not any more – Artemiy tells us it was a pleasure developing a new plugin template that supports both OSes alongside . JUCE 6, the cross-platform dev tool favored by so much of the music software community, enabled all the work, and it’s all automated. (Artemiy even literally says he enjoyed the process.)

So that brings more of the Sinevibes sound to not only Mac and KORG and Dreadbox Typhoon but Windows and lots of new hosts, too.

To celebrate, I cherry-picked some of my favorite effects from the set doing good stuff.

That Albedo in particular is really nice.

And yeah, while he worked on the Dreadbox, Blend is a must-have in software form and – here’s what happens when you put the two together: