One of the top native effects suites is now also Apple Silicon native for M1 and M… whatever might be next. That brings a ton of effects to Apple’s next-gen processors. There’s more in here, too.

That Apple Silicon thing seems to be having a “shake the tree” effect on plug-ins generally, meaning perversely Windows users may be reaping some of the benefits, too. FX Collection 2.1 also promises to “run quicker, smoother, and easier than ever before,” though I’ll need to do a bit more testing on macOS and Windows before I work out what that means in practice.

Apple M1 support means running natively on these platforms, not just not breaking. And this year seems to finally be bringing stragglers along.

There’s also full NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) 2 support, so I look forward to extra tweaking from my NI controllers.

I’ll yet again attest to the “you’ll actually use” part of this collection. There’s plenty in here that’s just really useful, and it’s great to have them in native form across hosts.

Holy skeumorphism, Batman! That’s right, my dear Robin, it appears these dastardly designers deigned to determine duly distinctive derivatives of devices’ dials. That’s right, Batman! But what will Jony Ives and Robert Henke say? Surely, disappointed, they will find them deleterious. But despair not! They are … uh, scalable.

Anyway, more on those videos, as opposed to me like… destroying things with the FX Collection. (KIRN SMASH! KIRN MAKE MORE WET NOT DRY! KIRN CHAIN! KIRN TURN UP KNOB!) At least, I think so, I got distracted and decided I didn’t want to watch them after all. (Shout out though to the trackball! That brings back some studio memories.)

Oh, and sidechaining kicks is probably a thing y’all want to do: