Max for Live creator Dillon Bastan has created one of their best yet – automatically using controllable Markov Chains to shift settings via Ableton Live’s new Variations feature.

Dillon’s been busy in the world of organic, creative processors for Ableton Live. For official Ableton Packs, there’s Inspired by Nature, included free in Live 11 (definitely worth getting), plus the paid granular looping Iota instrument.

These free options are what I’m diving into most at the moment, though. Markov Chains works by drawing on Live 11’s Variations feature:

  • Detect Variations in a Rack on the same channel
  • Use Markov Chain probabilities to transition between them
  • Map a button to trigger new settings as you play, or detect transients, or set a time interval (with optional sync)
  • Control glide, transition time, bias, spray, intervals, and more


And walkthrough:

Go grab it – free or pay what you wish to support charity and send some gratitude to the developer. (Tip your patchers – he donates 100% to various causes!).

Markov Variations

But wait – there’s more!

You’ll find a ton of other wonderful free stuff, like the weird and interesting Fractal Filters.

And just… a ton more. I mean, go grab all of them, basically; don’t sit here around CDM when you could be making sounds.