It’s dubbed Ukrainian Music Forces, and it’s an online event you can watch from 6PM Kyiv time. Tim Exile and Endlesss have gone full online jam and full web3 with this one, down to NFTs that fund Ukraine’s Ministry of Health. And there’s a terrific lineup of underground Ukrainian artists to catch. Details:

Tune in online here:

6PM Kyiv / 5PM Berlin / 4PM London / 11AM New York / 8AM LA (it’s summer so “GMT” gets a little confusing)

And details:

To keep the memory of the real war alive, we asked top underground Ukrainian musicians to jam together to show the feelings and thoughts of Ukrainians in the form of sound and collect donations in support of Ukraine. Live event is going to monetise the reflection of electronic artists on the war events to support Ukraininans during the WAR.
All funds from the sale will go to the official crypto accounts of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

So what’s that about NFTs? They’re actually producing them from little riffs out of the jam, they say:

The Music NFT is represented as a minted Endlesss Rifff, which is a loop created with up to 8 audio tracks/stems, then exported as a unique audio-visual file that captures that moment in the jam. It can range from around 20 seconds to around 1:30 minutes depending on the BPM and time measure used during the jam.

Whether you’re into that approach or not, the lineup is pretty epic, and well worth tuning in. Tim Exile joins:



Stanislav Tolkachev

Zavoloka (pictured, top)



More on the project, including their thinking, the musical motivation, and how they’re employing blockchain-based tech to make the fundraiser work (with some intriguing ideas):

There’s also an open call to join with live performance, as well, if you want to contribute (especially for Endlesss fans).

More on Endlesss the app:

Be sure to check our past interview with Kotra, too:

I have yet to write this up, but more on this soon – also be sure to check I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free, the new sublabel project by Prostir (see Kotra, Zavoloka), with already great releases by Muslimgauze and Merzbow: