“Hey girls! Hey boys! Superstar VJs! Here we go!” Erm… ask your parents. Yeah Resolume will now sync your visuals to Pioneer mixers and CDJs, in a debut for PRO DJ LINK Bridge. And there’s plenty more visual candy where that came from.

PROJ DJ Link Bridge sync Avenue DJ VJ CDJ … Thing

First, let’s back up, because this is likely a lot of folk’s first exposure to PRO DJ LINK Bridge. It’s a free app from Pioneer that’s intended to sync up CDJ, DJM, and other Pioneer setups with lighting, video, and pyrotechnics. (Yes, PLEASE put the pyrotechnics on “sync” and don’t beatmatch them. I think. I don’t go near them.)

Announcement from Pioneer:

PRO DJ LINK Bridge now officially supports Resolume Arena

The app is free for Windows 8.1+ / macOS High Sierra+. Oddly what it doesn’t yet support is music stuff, but I’ll leave that discussion for another day.


Interestingly, ShowKontrol also works. You will need Arena, so Resolume Avenue users, I’m sorry, you’ll have to sync up the way we did it in our day, with the BPM knob and mashing the spacebar at the right moment (uphill through the snow! both ways!).

Here’s Resolume’s tutorial showing it working together – sweet:

And the support article:


More new features

7.12 is another tasty upgrade for Resolume Arena and Avenue users tucked into a point release.

New in this release, across all versions:

Link parameters to CrossFader Position (so phase of the crossfader can impact animations). That’s easier to see than explain:

3 New Effects: Slice Delay, WarpSpeed, SearchLight. Slice Delay is fun; I’ll see if I can whip out a demo.

Auto-layout for Nodes (beta). For Wires users, they’re testing one-button clean-up of your patches.

Check it, with full version notes:


Honestly, this was a great track. You’ve earned this; you got through another rambling CDM news article. Dessert!