Resolume keeps packing features into their Arena and Avenue VJ / live visual / media server tools every few weeks. This time – easier-to-read, customizable time readouts, and a bunch of new features for slices.

Here’s the rundown really fast for those of you who like to absorb things through text, not just videos.

Clip time.
  • Dedicated Clip Time Remaining panel you can read from a distance (whew, timing stress!) [Arena]
  • SMPTE Input Panel – same [Arena]
  • Slice Fader – per-slice opacity fading, mappable to MIDI, beat sync, etc.
  • Slice Scaling – independent per-slice scaling settings
  • New Inverted Mask mode for Slices
  • Multiple Wire Slice inputs
  • Every parameter everywhere now has +/- buttons
  • Shift-click to fold/unfold all – on effects, on Slice Transform

And on top of that, Auto Node layout and Find Node are improved.

It’s a patchable, media-serving workhorse that keeps getting better. Honestly, there are few setups I see that don’t have Resolume’s stuff in there somewhere, even as a companion to other tools (thanks, Syphon / Spout)!



And the video. Give them that Create Digital Motion bump. (Long-time readers knows the M stands for that, too.)