Here is one tasty-looking custom keycap design, adding the faders, knobs, and synth-y visuals your mechanical keyboard so desperately wants.

The project is listed as being in the design phase but there are already a bunch of luscious photos of a sample run. I mean, is it necessarily a good idea to have your computer keyboard trigger different knob and fader positions? Can’t answer that. Does it look cool? Yeah. Might it get you thinking about other ideas? I mean, yes, I already know where the alphabet letters are, thank you, and it’s not a typewriter, so…

And then there’s whatever that crank-style round knob is on the upper right-hand side…

The project is the work of designer Max Voltar [mvkb], the nom de plume (nom de keys?) of one Tim of Belgium. Production comes from EQUALPBT aka qPBT for short, who say they use dye sublimation to print onto blank caps for high speed and low cost. Keycap connoisseurs might nitpick that, so they have a complete quality disclaimer. (“Wall Warping” sounds like a good track name. I can live with imperfection.)

Of course, now that we are veering off-topic, then what really might turn me on is this set instead. Always watched Star Wars and thought “what I really want to be is a TIE pilot.”

These are Cherry-profile, MX mountable.

Now that I’ve opened this can of worms / bottle of keycaps, I expect I’ll hear from some keycap experts in comments so – fire when ready.

More where that came from: