Window shuffle, be gone! ValhallaWrapper is a clever name-your-price Max for Live add-on by Elisa Hom that simulates the UIs for these beloved reverbs — as if they were native Live Devices.

I’m so obsessed with this kind of control that I often map the controls I’m using right after adding an effect insert. Elisa’s ValhallaWrapper goes one step further, recreating the Valhalla UIs right in Max for Live. They’re close enough, you’d be forgiven for doing a double-take looking at that image.

Maybe this will inspire some developers to release Live-specific wrappers – or for you to create a custom skin for your own favorite plug-ins. (Hate that giant skeuomorphic UI? Redesign it in beautiful, flat minimalism!)


Thanks, Tim!

Elisa is also on YouTube as Homeland Elisabeth. You can also grab their cute tape-style master transpose and… oh, yeah, I need this. There’s been a number of times where I realized I didn’t like a track until I changed its speed and pitch, just as you would on tape or vinyl.

Varispeed for Ableton Live (MaxForLive Device)