Bitwig Studio now gets its own dedicated iOS controller – and it’s got tons of deep features for controlling projects, clips, cues, devices, and the mixer.

Developer Marko Kr├╝ger writes to tell us about his creation. These are iPhone screenshots here, but it also scales to iPad – with a lot more real estate for big mixers and clip views. It’s impressively capable even on the iPhone. (You’ll need a device with iOS 16 or greater.)

Project controls.

The real advantage here is extensive integration. So that’s not just the basics – clips, mixing, transport – but also the ability to jump to particular cue markers or dive deep into sub pages and FX chains. Bitwig’s open API is nicely suited to the task: you just download a single .extension file and drop it in Bitwig’s Extensions folder, and you’re off and running.

The feature list goes deep:

  • Transport
  • Project actions: save, zoom to fit, hide/show panels
  • Mixer: volume, pan, mute, solo/arm recording, send FX
  • Cue Markers
  • Enable write automation, groove
  • Clip control (launch, stop, record, and even create and delete clips)
  • Send FX
  • Device Remote Control parameters, across all pages
Mixer view.
Device control … even sub-pages and chains are fully supported.
Clips view.

For Ableton Live users, zerodebug touchAble Pro and imaginando LK do a lot of the same – LK in particular also has a lot of musical controllers. But I’m sure Bitwig users will find this a welcome tool. And it’s clearly a real labor of love.

The Project page alone is impressive.

Check out the app: