Calling Bandcamp addicts who DJ: this clever browser extension adds a DJ-style tempo slider to Bandcamp’s Web interface. It’s already feature-packed, with more coming, and a great way to preview tempo changes before you buy.

Bandcamp Tempo Adjust 0.1 is available both for Chrome and Firefox (plus derivative browsers):

Bandcamp Tempo Adjust [chrome web store]

Bandcamp Tempo Adjust [Firefox Browser Add-Ons]

Chrome obviously these days also means Opera, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, the lot.

Adjusting TEMPO changes both pitch and speed – so this can also help you audition whether that tempo change you had in mind makes the mix sound all wonky (at least roughly). There’s even a range toggle just like on a CDJ.

Click the +/- to set the range. Click the % amount to reset.


And more is coming – bpm detection. (Sure, it gets some tracks wrong, but hey, so does Rekordbox)

I just tried it on some of my own tracks via Brave and – wow, this works really well. Somehow this single feature does really all I want when digging, with apologies to the (overdesigned, sorry not sorry, I really never use it) Beatport browser DJ thing whatever. At least for me, this perfectly fits my “dig in Bandcamp, dump into Serato to mix locally or Rekordbox to stick on a USB” workflow.

This great hack comes from nohup of illegal afters tracks –

Past accomplishments: training an RNN on descriptions of records from Hard Wax:

And yeah, the release in the screenshot: