What if a custom oscillator had its own chorus-y pitch drift tape wobble effect? So far, that sounds delicious. Sinevibes are posting some new teasers of their DENSE custom oscillator for the KORG ‘logue platform.

Just … wow. This really remakes the entire ‘logue synth – meaning it might be time to grab a prologue or minilogue xd before Sinevibes increases its resale value.

And then there’s this buttery goodness:

This is powered by the same algorithms in Stator, the tape effect that’s sort of really not just a tape effect. Yes, it can do gauzy degraded sounds, but it’s also gorgeous as an alternate pitch – chorus, uh, thing. (I just got distracted spending half the afternoon using it in that way on rhythms and synths and really not as some kind of retro tape effect.) If you missed it before:

We’ll be watching as Sinevibes finishes this off. If you can pull me away from endlessly tweaking tracks with Stator, Vague, and Hollow, that is. A good morning for me starts with a carafe of coffee and some Sinevibes stuff – no joke.


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