The runs-on-any-OS modular music studio got a major 2.1 update this week, with better high-res graphics, a new keyboard, and more. It’s a synth. It’s a tracker. It runs on Raspberry Pi so you can make your own mobile music hardware. It’s stupidly good – and those keys make it easy to jam with on the go. SunVox is a bright music maker even in hard times.

Now, one of the challenges of SunVox had long been that you just get a tracker image and some colored boxes to connect when you open it. The newly expanded musical keyboard makes improvising and messing with your synth patch easier, plus Sasha delivers on some new pattern drawing:

“Oh, sure, you talk about tech all the time, but are people making actual music with this?” SunVox’s passionate niche community has you answered there. Listen to these excellent jams from 2022:

Incredibly, you get all of this as a free desktop download (macOS/Linux/Windows), and a nominal fee on iOS and Android. (You can send donations to support the developer.)

There’s quite complete documentation, on a soothing lavender-colored Web background. You can run on Windows CE – like even on ancient smart devices saved from the scrap heap. You can play your tracks live in a JavaScript player. There’s a developer library.

It’s really this RasPi example that has me chuffed, though:

There’s now a complete guide to using SunVox on a RasPi-based device. In two parts:

New in version 2.1:

  • High-res icons, fonts, scaling
  • High-res iOS mode (which can switch back to low-res if you prefer)
  • Wi-Fi import and export on Android
  • Sound engine optimization
  • Saturation distortion + five variations
  • More Loop options
  • Musical keyboard settings (type – classic, uniform, free, number of rows, key width, color inversion, autorepeat)
  • Draw patterns with a brush
  • New keyboard options and shortcuts

And that’s just a quick overview. Changelog:

Go get it: