Nintendo is sunsetting its online shops for DS, 3DS, and WiiU today – which means it’s the last chance ever to grab two handheld synth gems from KORG and Detune.

And yes, sure, there are now plenty of iOS apps that do what these Nintendo platform titles did – not least KORG’s own Gadget, available for both iOS and Nintendo Switch.

But for completionists and fans of pocket electronic music, M01D and DSN-12 are something special. The titles were a collaboration between KORG in Japan and Detune and its founder Nobuyoshi Sano, who also wrote music for Ridge Racer and Tekken. Tons of backstory and music on the Detune site:

After today, it’ll be impossible to get either of these titles since they’re eShop downloads only. (I don’t think either had a cartridge release, even inside Japan, though other earlier Detune titles like the legendary DS-10 did.)

The fine folks at NintendoLife have a guide to grabbing yours:

When Does The 3DS And Wii U eShop Close? Nintendo eShop Closure Guide

It all ends today, Monday March 27, evening time USA (so morning 28th in Japan).

M01D followed up a Japan-only cartridge release – the “d” is for “download.” It added new features like MIDI export (via SD card) and even support for StreetPass over WiFi.

The DSN-12 was even more unique, a DS take on the KORG MS-10 synth. Unlike more realistic emulations on other platforms, this one had a uniquely low-fi character, plus a gorgeous oscilloscope visualizer.

Here’s CardiacTrance walking through the M01D in a CDM exclusive:

And check this in-depth (with music!) on the app:

Plus a look at the cleverness of the DSN-12:

Got these titles? Any last-day experience/tips? Other apps that may be end-of-life today that I don’t know about? Give a shout.

The legacy continues meanwhile – just in from NAMM:

KORG Unites Music Makers and Gamers with Gadget