Sonic Charge’s Synplant, a plant-breeding instrument with a alien lab UI, remains one of the coolest soft synths of all time. And this year its developer promises an update with even more ways to grow your own patches. Meet Genopatch 1.0.

For now, there’s just this short teaser from developer Magnus Lindström. But that’s fine – this was already enough to make me fall out of my chair:

There’s already a lot there. We see that you load a reference sound from your own files, then “search for a solution” – breeding four new fines of synthesized patch results, all using the Synplant engine. As Magnus clarifies on Twitter, you get single-note patches from any input:

(Watch the video closely for some tweaks to the main UI, too.)

I love that this is the opposite of a lot of what we’re being pitched right now in machine-assisted sound. Instead of “sound exactly like something else” (boring!), you get “sound like you just pointed a transmorgrifier ray at your dull snare samples and make up sounds no one has heard before.” I mean, that’s why we got into electronic music, no?

There’s no release date yet, but there is a sign-up if you’re interested.

Yep. Interested.

Magnus says this is bound for macOS, Windows, VST2, VST3, and AUv2. I’m guessing now is the time to start clamoring for Linux CLAP or LV2.

Sign up for Synplant 2. The graphic looks like The Legend of Zelda and for some of us, this is as big a sequel as this year’s Breath of the Wild follow-up:

Here’s why (v1):

Does not require a subscription. Just… buy it once, and honestly, clear your schedule. Expect CDM can just have a Synplant week when this drops, like Shark Week.

Am I going to turn this post into a Sonic Charge love fest?

Yes, yes, I am. Because it’s deserved. More: