Now we’ve seen a first glimpse of what’s next from Soundtoys: massively expanding their reverb modeling to cover some nine massive electromechanical plate reverb units. SuperPlate is the long-hinted-at follow-up to the company’s terrific Little Plate.

Little Plate, Soundtoys’ first plate reverb, was already one of those evergreen software reverb models. It’s an (unofficial) EMT 140 model – that’s the 1957 device that established the genre – plus tail modulation, lowcut filter, and the ability to turn up decay to higher durations or even infinity. Like the other stuff, the modeling is really, really good. But by 2023, it is absolutely calling out for an expanded idea.

It’s usually worth seeing what Ken Bogdanowicz and team cook up at Soundtoys, and this does look promising. (I’m waiting to test it myself.) Because of the focus on this full range of different vintage models, you get something that could complement other reverbs – even as we’re spoiled for choice. The basic formula here:

An example of one the plates among those modeled here. You can see why you would probably not have all five of these at home.

Switchable modeled preamp styles. EMT V54 tube saturation, EMT 162 preamp (for solid-state), or clean. The EMT 162 also includes its own compressor, so there’s a dynamic impact there, as well – it’s more than just coloration.

Multiple models. EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000 plate

And the usual Soundtoys twists. Infinite decay, built-in pre-delay, expanded modulation, EQ, and decay ducking are included across the whole range.

And it runs in Effect Rack. Soundtoys are quick to remind us that this means you can drag and drop various routings with reverb, distortion, pitch, modulation, and dynamic effects all in a single plug-in.

Have a look at that design up close:

I just praised the same decay-ducking idea and some similar design approaches elsewhere on the Arturia REV LX-24. But the fact that you can cover the Lexicon territory with that and effectively every major electromechanical plate with this means you really can do extraordinary things in the box. And I’m really curious to see how the team attacked all these electromechanical plates.

The pricing also looks good for existing users. If you’ve got Little Plate already, you can trade up for US$59. If you’ve got Effect Rack, you can add it for US$59. And for Soundtoys 5.3 owners, you can upgrade to 5.4 for US$59.

For new customers, SuperPlate is individually available for US$149 or as part of the full Soundtoys bundle for $499. (all MSRP)

Video from our friends at SOS:

And hey, if you want one more plate, you can always (also technically a Swedish plate reverb)…