Sometimes all musical inspiration needs is a different view on things. So what better than to refresh your Ableton Live vibes than an injection of 90s-tinted color themes inspired by the Silicon Graphics workstation?

First, let’s take you back. Love those titles and that distinctive SGI shading:

Cleb Taubman has creates these. You get not only SGI themes but a custom typeface. I honestly thought I’d go back to my backups of the default Live fonts but – nope. Totally addicted to the pixellated type, too.

And yeah, Cleb worked on those machines in the 90s and early 2000s, saying “it was Softimage 3D and Discreet Flame back then. These machines were seriously slow compared to what we’ve got nowadays :)”

Grab your copy of these themes via Clem’s Gumroad account for 2 EUR each or 9 EUR for the full collection!

If you buy something from a CDM link, we may earn a commission. Uh, yes, whatever slice of two euros that is – we were curious to try out the Gumroad affiliate program as a test!

MidLight themes @ DeafMan

They’re just beautiful. I’ve tried other themes before – don’t miss Madeleine Bloom’s stunningly large library of free themes. But I’m really, really taken with this collection (and not to mention, Madeleine’s themes also look nice with this font)!

More SGI history:

And, you know, this, indirectly:

more screenshots: