It’s all in the hands. GECO delivers near zero-latency gestural control for music. And this didn’t take long: hot on the heels of the revival of Leap Motion hardware, version 2.0 is now available for both macOS and Windows.

Geert Bevin, better known these days for his work on Moog apps, has been hard at work on his labor of love and delivers the news. If you happen to have an older Leap Motion lying around, this will work with that – and it’ll work with new and improved hardware we covered recently, too.

New in this release (pronounced like “gecko,” the lizard):

* Full support for the latest Ultraleap Gemini drivers on Windows and macOS

* Re-implemented GECO for macOS 11 and later, and Windows 10 and later.

* Re-implemented visualizer to completely run on the GPU, leaving the CPU available for gesture processing.

* Next generation of the processing engine, faster and even more reliable gesture event handling.

* Re-implemented and improved hand open/closed detection logic.

* Revised user-interface visuals to be more in-line with modern UIs.

It’s time to ask the question yet again – “what if your hands?”

Leap Motion – now ultraleap

Good stuff. And Geert has been posting regular updates while working – definitely could see he was having a good time with it, plus now got early access to the new hardware. He writes:

With the Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2 there’s a very clear improvement and I’m already working on new trigger gestures to go along with the continuous gestures.

I’m hopeful that this time around playing notes with gestures will feel inspiring and musical.

Everything old is new again. Sometimes it’s the more mature technology after the hype cycle that gets really interesting, especially in music where it can take us more time to develop chops.