What’s the best winner for something to add to the slim 1U space on a modular? Stuff you use every day, of course. And it’s hard to beat a multimode filter with notch and FM. That’s the insta-buy Intellijel SVF 1U, from the maker that got us hooked on the clever 1U module row in the first place.

The SVF 1U state variable filter does everything you’d want from this sort of filter, in 20 HP x 1U, for US$139.

  • It’s a 2-pole lowpass and highpass filter – with dedicated LP and HP outputs.
  • It’s a bandpass filter and notch filter, with a switchable BP/N output for that.
  • There’s adjustable resonance Q – and you can self-resonate, turning this into a spare sine wave oscillator.
  • FM input, with dedicated FM knob.
  • There’s a +6 dB soft clip switch for some drive.
  • There’s a pitch input with 1V/octave across 4+ octaves.

The only thing missing is, they left out – nope, not really. This is pretty much the perfect filter in that rack space, enough so that I’m pondering removing a couple 1U modules to make a home for this one.

Have at it:


And it’s available to preorder from resellers:

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Intellijel SVF1U Multimode State-variable VCF 1U Eurorack Module [Sweetwater]

Intellijel Designs SVF 1U State-Variable Filter [Perfect Circuit]

If you’re looking for a case with a 1U rail, I can’t recommend the original Intellijel cases enough. I’m blissfully happy with the Palette 4U I bought used off a friend, enough so that I’m pondering picking up another one. They also have larger 7U cases, and you can get custom bags for them. (7U gives you two rows + one 1U row; 4U gives you one row each of 1U and standard 3U.) We’ll have to do a full 1U case round-up some time. But if you want to check out Intellijel’s offerings, here’s what’s currently in stock and on Intellijel’s own site:

Intellijel cases at Sweetwater

Intellijel cases at Perfect Circuit

Intellijel Eurorack cases

Now that we’ve brought back 1Uesday in a rare, cosmic-event sort of moment where I don’t immediately abandon a feature the moment I’ve introduced it, let us know in comments what you’re doing with 1U. And if you’re a modular maker with some 1U stuff, please for the love of 1Uesday continuing get in touch by submitting a newswire.

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