The Tracker fire sale Polyend is hosting on Reverb may have led some to believe the OG, full-sized Tracker is at the end of its life. Not so, says Polyend – and they’ve got a hefty firmware update to prove it.

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So yes, you can in fact pick up Tracker for US$359 / EUR 399 on Polyend’s shop on Reverb. But the Polish company says the Tracker is still in production. That’s a big deal, as some may prefer the full-sized model’s big grid controller, jog wheel, and … FM radio, while we’re at it. None of that is on the (also excellent, also updated) Tracker Mini.

The other deal here is that there is a lot in a 1.70 firmware update out today for Tracker: TOS. (sorry, confusing my Trek and Track)

Here’s the big one I know folks were waiting for: improved clock.

  • Improved Internal and MIDI clock stability and minimized jitter
  • Redesigned ‘Clock sync correction’ parameter in MIDI config
    • Note: correction is applied once only after restarting playback

I’ve yet to test this, but Polyend did commit to resolving some complaints from users.

There’s a lot of great user functionality in there, too – and yeah, unfortunately, this may well wear down our resistance to that deal on Reverb. New:

  • Overhauled file and project management and longer filenames
  • Saturation modes on the master channel
  • Snap to zero crossing (!) option and detection
  • There’s a metronome in the sampler recorder
  • Improved Equalizer, Limiter, Compressor
  • Copy patterns in Song Mode (uh, yeah)
  • A vertical revolver Pattern arrangeent option
  • Use the physical Rec button to start/stop the Sample Recorder (needed)

And that’s just a small slice of what’s on the list. Check the full changelog:

Polyend Downloads

See there What’s Up page for tips and free project files and stuff, too.

Tracker Mini seems next in line, then. We’ll be watching.

But yeah, you still have a few days (or until stock runs out) to grab the Polyend Tracker – and Polyend does say this goes back to $699 afterwards, so… (I imagine people sometimes visualize me in a red devil suit standing on their shoulder)

Polyend Tracker exclusive @ Reverb (USA) $359

Polyend Tracker exclusive @ Reverb (EU) $399 (roughly, depends on your local VAT)

Updated – Polyend Tracker is also on sale pricing at Sweetwater:

Polyend Tracker – Sampler, Wavetable Synthesizer and Sequencer @ Sweetwater – $359