Groove Synthesis, the instrument maker founded by veterans of Sequential and Oberheim, has taken their massive 24-voice wavetable synth and made a desktop version.

This instrument is really like having multiple synths in one – and then having multiples of that synth (since it’s four-part multi-timbral). So it’s got the one-knob-per-function philosophy of an Oberheim or Sequential instrument. But it’s got wavetables that can sound like a classic PPG. Or it can be a cutting-edge, 2020s wavetable synth. Or it can do analog modeled waveforms. And it still has both SEM-style and Dave Rossum-designed filters.

In short:

  • 24 voices
  • 3 oscillators per voice
  • Each oscillator with PPG-style vintage wavetables, modern high-res wavetables, or analog-modeled waveform
  • Wave Maker tool transforms samples to wavetables in one step
  • Independent panning, volume, dual effects, and dedicated sphysical tereo out per voice
  • Analog low-pass filter (2410)
  • Digital state-variable filter (the SEM-ish one, so morphing between low-pass, high-pass, notch, and band-pass)
  • Four ADSR envelopes (filter + amp + 2 assignable aux)
  • Four LFOs per part
  • 4 independent parts or split zones (each with its own sequencer and dual effect)
  • 28-slot mod matrix

And they’ve also added MPE support. (Curious about tuning; need to ask about that.)

Desktop is US$3495 MAP, coming in November 2023.