Noise Engineering’s latest module is a simple one, but it solves a very common problem. In 4HP, add 12 dB or 24 dB, or subtract 12 dB or 24dB, with high input impedance, so you can work with just about any gear – including passive guitars inputs.

Dealing with multiple line levels is sometimes tricky even with mixers and audio interfaces, and it can become a big, big headache in the world of Eurorack, which uses a higher level than standard line level. There are various solutions to this, but Nive Grad is about as simple and versatile as you can get.

Add +12dB or +24dB, so you can take line-level or guitar-level signal inputs in your Eurorack rig. (That includes guitars, thanks to a high-impedence input.) Or subtract -12dB or -24dB again, so you can connect outputs for your effects, pedals, and more.

The advantage of not doing anything more complicated is, that this works with all the most common scenarios, and keeps the price at just US$160 list and 4HP.

And apparently, I have you users to thank:

The team says the inspiration for the module came from users, including themselves. Earlier this year, Noise Engineering released Xer Mixa, their take on a comprehensive system mixer. Nive Grad was designed to be the simple piece that would allow users to mix external synths and drum machines into Xer Mixa, as well as to integrate pedals into an FX send. Although designed with Xer Mixa in mind, Noise Engineering is quick to point out that it can be used with any Eurorack setup.

Nive Grad is out now, and there’s a Black Friday sale on for 15% off with code TUBULAR.

Nive Grad

Yeah, this one is pretty much an instabuy. I have the Erica Synths Link which is convenient for output and is really affordable, but doesn’t handle input – and it burns a full 8HP for those jacks (nice as they are). This input/output setup in 4HP might well boot something else out of your rack; it looks so useful.

I am writing up the Xer Mixa now are you read this. Putting these all together, you have so many beautiful, musical, useful workflow possibilities. Stand by…