Videosync, the tool that brings video and visual tools to Ableton Live on macOS, gets a nice update to close out the year. Get your gradient on and mix colors in video as easily as you would tweak a synth or effect.

Videosync 1.4’s big draw is two new devices, and they’re really beautifully designed – almost as if they came from Ableton themselves, in an alternate universe where Ableton added video features to their DAW.

Gradient creates monochromatic and duo-chromatic gradients with feathering and spacing options.

Color Mixer takes a video input and lets you adjust hue (in RGB / YUV / Oklab) and brightness.

Also in this release and 1.3.x sequence (since 1.3):

  • Auto Rotate and Wobble presets
  • Full modulation of everything in Voronoi (cool!)
  • Simpler, Tabula, Transform, Feedback fixes

For more, here’s a great example of making a Drum Rack with Videosync (courtesy our friend Tarik Barri):

And in case you missed it, Tarik’s full demo/Q&A is online, too:

Check out the latest:

Latest additions

Video sync information and free trial download – requires Ableton Live 10.1.13 Standard or greater, or Live 11 Intro or greater. Plugin support requires Max for Live or Suite. macOS only (10.13/High Sierra or greater); dedicated graphics card recommended. Runs on both Intel and Apple Silicon.


Plus if you like this, you should also check out rival EboSuite, which has its own set of cool capabilities (or go completely wild with your Live VJing and even do a bit with both):

EboSuite @ Isotonik Studios

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