The perfect Eurorack case doesn’t ex– OH. MY. GOD. Yes, this is all aluminum, and you might need a step ladder to reach the top-row ladder filter. And it’s beautiful.

Full specs:

  • 8 rows of 126HP 
  • 12A@+12V, 6A@-12V 
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 670mm x 360mm 
  • Net mass: 14.75kg (yeah, check the stability of your table and floor, please)
  • Depth: for most modules – 80mm, above power distribution boards – 60mm, max depth in inclined rows – 120mm
  • Shipping dimensions: 1060mm x 740mm x 460mm

It’s actually competitively priced – pre-VAT, EUR 1750. Of course, then you’ll have to figure out how to afford filling it. I’m sure there’s some kind of crime that I’d be really well suited to, and I’ll take that up immediately. Worth it. (Hilariously, they do remark, “NB! The case comes without modules installed. A complete system is shown for illustration purposes only.”)

Given my long history with Erica Synths, I really hoped they would send me one, but of course, they send it to some influencers. Here’s the unboxing video (and some more royalties to Francis Travis):

Erica Synths Megarack (interestingly, the link says Megasystem… now that’d be interesting, even if they sell, like, three.)