How about Commodore AMIGA-style sampling – complete with pixel UI, lo-fi sampling styles, vintage time-stretching, and both modern and Amiga file support – in a plug-in? It’s Amigo Sampler, it’s got a price point from a fish and chips shop, and it sounds wicked. (The plug-in, and the music from the folks making it, too…)

Amigo Sampler is a new project from Dario aka PotenzaDSP, engineer/boss of Ratla Records, and artist Stekker – listed as “owner of @ruffntuff.records, artist on @futureretrolondon @n4records MYOR Massive @teknosucksrecords.” Got it. Stekker is in Breda, NL, and if you have already translated the jumble of words I just pasted and tell-tell signs like “this artist is hawking an Amiga sampler plug-in” to mean “I’ll bet they’re making old skool jungle using Amiga, Atari ST, and old Akai samplers,” you are correct. Check it.

Amigo Sampler brings all that old-school goodness to your modern machine – macOS (Intel/Apple Silicon), Windows, and Ubuntu, with AU and VST3 support. That means you can pop this into your favorite DAW and not have to deal with emulation. There’s a nice feature set here, too:

  • Akai-style timestretcing, real-time with automation
  • WAV, MP3, AIFF support – automatically downsampling to the 22 kHz sample rate and 8-bit bit depth standard on the original Commodore Amiga (and there’s also configurable sample rate as you desire)
  • IFF Amiga support, in case you’ve got some vintage sample libraries
  • Chromatic mono, polyphonic, one-note chord, and slice modes
  • Reverse, phase, and stretch controls
  • Loop, gate, envelope, and pitch adjustments

Tasty. If you’re not feeling that Commodore-chic copper/beige color, there is also a nice selection of themes, including the hot pink candy crush and black-and-red “Vampire,” or, if you’re a godless heathen that can’t tell your chip platforms apart, something called “GameBoy Classic.”

Candy bubblegum-pink themed Amigo Sampler, showing waveform and Amiga-style UI with controls for pitch, envelope, glide/poly-mono mode, reverse, etc., and a yellow waveform on hot pink background.

The software looks great, but let’s pause and also reflect on their sick music.

I mean, this. So much this.

Go forth. Some combination of their music and this plug-in I’m sure you need in your life right now.