A dream team of designers has gathered in the north, producing a swoon-worthy, ultra-sexy instrument that looks straight off the set of a high-budget new sci-fi show. CRUM2 is just a series of images but with Analog Sweden, Hultén, and Nyström signed on and these pics, who can resist?

That’s Analog Sweden, the folks behind the luscious stainless steel Swenigiser, which in turn revived the rare Orgon Systems Enigiser. Albert Nyström has been wowing with DIY projects, from simple and inexpensive to massive polysynths. Nyström’s Crum Drum is probably most relevant here (and sounds like the drum machine the MeeBlip was waiting for) – see below. It is also designed to produce generative patterns wit tweakable synthesized sounds, though CRUM2 appears to go way deeper. And then there’s Love Húlte, whose design work looks like it might be comfortable making a cameo in Silo or Loki or Severance, and whose creations have been making us weak in the knees for some time.

Now we get them all working together on something wonderful. Specs from the site:

Prototype specs:

4 channels with 6 sound engines each

Percussive and melodic modes with master scale

Extreme parameter range switch per track

Scale key center offsetable per track pitch or relative to bass channel pitch

Probabilty BEAT generation, step and live record

1-64 steps, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, TRI input

Randomizable parameters

Master offset performance control section

10 live performance chainable snapshots with breakbeat recall

Master reverb, delay & drive fx

Extensive dimensional i/o: Midi, CV, Separate outs, clock in/out

Dev team: Nyström, Hultén & Analog Sweden


The result is like a vintage synth studio in a box – take a listen (from a preview at Superbooth in Berlin):

The original Crum Drum:

And previously: