Polyend’s Tracker+ completely enhances the standalone stereo sampler, sequencer, synth, and drum machine all-in-one. There’s more of everything: stereo sampling and playback, USB audio, more synth and drum machine engines, and expanded tracks and memory sample. At $/€799, it’s looking really competitive – and those new engines with this full-sized grid also bring back some of what was great about Polyend’s classic Medusa.

First, if you’re already a fan of Polyend Tracker, this does everything the original did. That restores Tracker to the position of proper Polyend flagship. It’s also project-compatible with Tracker Mini (following the 2.0 update). We’ve also seen Polyend do a lot of work on stability, including clock and other fixes, so it’s nice to see the whole platform mature.

But there’s a lot here, enabled by the 2.0 hardware update. And I have to say, this arguably is a far more substantial “MK2” update than what we got from Elektron and Digitakt – nothing against that very fine instrument with its own unmistakable sound and workflow. But we’re seeing independent makers really give the big players some competition. That seems great for everyone.

Tracker+ isn’t really a redesign – much like that Digitakt update, it’s about new capabilities thanks to an updated hardware engine. But the “more” here really is a lot more, and it plugs the major gaps like stereo sampling and USB audio. New to Tracker+ and a bunch of new engines:

  • ACD single-oscillator monophonic analog synth. (okay, so 303…)
  • FAT analog 3-oscillator synth with drift and detune. (ah, Minimoogish)
  • VAP Virtual Analog Polysynth with dual-oscillator architecture and mod matrix.
  • WTFM 2-op FM synth with wavetable oscillators and 3x feedback system. Oooh, I’m interested to hear this one – especially as this starts to recall my favorite Polyend, the digital side of the Medusa.
  • All-new PERC drum machine, which uses just one synth voice but plays up to five drum sounds at once, including dedicated Kick, Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat, Cymbal, and Perc for each kit with lots of tweakable parameters.

To that, add revised synth editor for patch editing, which assigns over 100 synth parameters and multi-macros to the grid for sequencing and real-time control. (And you can use these with Step FX, too.)

The Sequencer and Song Mode are expanded – 8 additional tracks for 16 total (1-8 for stereo sample instruments, MIDI, or synth engines, and 9-16 for MIDI tracks, synths, and drum machines). That boost might be overkill for many arrangements, but for mixing the Tracker+ with outboard gear the assignable MIDI tracks should come in handy.

Everything is stereo. Beat slices, granular and wavetable synth, sample recorder.

USB expansion. File transfer and USB audio, etc.

Improved hardware. In addition to the faster microcontroller and more memory, they’ve also improved the jog wheel and rubberized keys. I haven’t felt those keys in person yet, though, so I’m curious.

And it still has the Tracker extras. Backlit keys, built-in FM radio, full-sized layout – there’s now a good reason to choose this over the Mini. The Mini still has a built-in battery and built-in mic, though, and comes with a case.

I really like that big screen and all the internal extras. I know this has been compared to some other trackers, but if you do want the internal engines, there’s nothing quite like the Polyend.


I’m really excited by what Polyend and Torso have each been doing – there’s some really unique stuff coming from boutique makers.