ELPHNT’s new Max for Live ESSENTIALS pack delivers five simple, brilliant, everyday effects tools – free / pay $15 for those who can.

ELPHNT himself sends this to CDM and – adds this velvety narration to talk us through the pack.

At a glance, what you get:

Colour: analog-style coloration (Tape, Tube, Valve, Diode, Transistor and Overdrive). This feels like something Live should already have – even looking quite like this – but as it’s its own creation you get unique algorithms and controls.

Widen: Make it wider, but don’t cause problems when you use mono. (Still, don’t get too carried away with this one!)

Filter: analog modeling highpass / lowpass filter with drive.

Excite: is… an exciter (nice having the frequency control).

Shift: Frequency shifter. Of course, one of these is also in Live, but ELPHNT’s is arguably closer to a bread-and-butter version – especially on drums.

You’ll need Live 11+ for this one / Live 8.5+. And yes, this works with Push standalone – these were born to run on the new Push!