Auxy has been around for a while, and it was only in the last few days that I was remembering the very first time I heard about the idea. I was impressed back then, and I’m really pleased that Auxy is still around. Since it went to a subscription model we’ve seen some new packs, but not a huge number of updates, in fact this is the first Auxy update since May. Version 5.2 brings in some nice new features like tagging and sample reverse. It’s not a bad list at all.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Sort your projects with tags. Swipe left in the list to tag a project.
  • Reverse playback option for any sample. New toggle added under the length setting for each sample.
  • Trigger the ducker with any sample. New toggle added under the volume setting for each sample.
  • Quickly reorder instruments with drag and drop.
  • ‘Select All’ option added to the editor. Touch and hold the grid until the selection box appears, then tap the box to select all notes in the loop.
  • Current song length timer added to settings.
  • The ‘Make new loops chromatic’ setting is now applied to all projects and properly stored between sessions.
  • Now possible to clear sample slots.
  • Imported samples can now be up to 20 seconds long.
  • Fixed an issue where Auxy would take more space after exporting stems.
  • The app is updated for and tested for iOS 12.
  • Some bug fixing and lots of polish as usual… 🙂

Auxy is free on the app store but with a subscription model