4Pockets have gone and done it again. Having initially launched their expander and compressor plugins, followed by their flange, phaser and vintage vibe plugins, then the panning delay and stereo graphic EQ, and lastly the reverb and auto-wah. Well now they’ve added two more. A noise gate plugin, and an analyser / tuner.

Here are the details:

Noise Gate AUv3 Plugin

Anyone working in a live recording environment whether that be with a microphone or a high gain guitar effects will feel the need to suppress unwanted noise. This gated noise gate allows you to suppress any background noise over a specified level by a chosen suppression amount. This allows subtle sounds to still be heard as opposed to the brick wall approach. The effect has controllable attack, release and hold times as well as high and low pass filtering to eliminate main hum and hiss.

Noise Gate AUv3 Plugin costs $4.99 on the app store

Analyser & Tuner AUv3 Plugin

This plugin can be used directly within your DAW to analyse either the monitored input signal from your audio device or your mixer output. It uses Apple’s accelerate framework to perform fast high resolution 8K fast fourier transformations to display a real time frequency spectrum. The result is an accurate representation of the sampled sound broken down into its frequency components.

You can use this plugin in conjunction with equalisers and parametric filters to obtain a nice flat mix or eliminate hard to find unwanted noise or hiss.

Various display modes include, linear narrow band, logarithmic narrow band, Octave, 1/3 Octave, 1/6 Octave and Mixer Mode with selectable ANSI A and C weighting curves. Up to 64 times oversampling can be applied to obtain more stable readings.

This plugin also includes a Digital Tuner mode which allows real time note detection, frequency and cents deviation from true pitch.

Analyser & Tuner AUv3 Plugin costs $4.99