Bramm Bos have made a name for themselves in bringing high quality audio apps to the iOS world. Starting with Ruismaker and Ruismaker FM and followed by their modular playground Ripplemaker. Today they bring us their new ‘Space Exploration Effect’ (their words and not mine), to your iOS device. The app is Kosmonaut, and they refer to it as a multitap delay with a twist. Why? Well apparently it isn’t just a delay but has a load of additional tools that come with it.

These are things that you might not expect from a regular delay fx app. For example:

  • Tape looper with with variable sound-on-sound decay level
  • 4-Tap Delay (placed in series for complex feedback loops)
  • LP/HP filters with LFO
  • Autopanner
  • Ambiance Generator
  • Haas Effect Processor (aka ‘wavefront precedence effect’)

According to Bram Bos all of the above features are demonstrated extensively through a large number of factory presets, which is always useful, and of course you can easily add your own user presets, which will in turn automatically carry over across different host apps.

All of the app’s variables are exposed as AU Parameters in hosts which support automation, and the app also has a smart Random-feature, which may come up with usable results, although you can never tell right?

Additionally the app is universal so it’ll work in whatever set up you’re using, iPhone or iPad.

Note: this is an Audio Unit Effect Plugin (AUv3) which requires a compatible host or DAW to work.

Kosmonaut is available on the app store now and costs $3.99: