Hopefully you’ve already heard of Elastic FX. If not, then you’re about to hear about how much more awesome it’s just become, because the app just got a huge update and is now a universal iOS app. It’s something that I’ve been hoping would happen for a while now and my wish has been granted. Mainly I wanted to be able to use Elastic FX on my iPhone as its sibling, Elastic Drums does such a good job there.

But that’s not all that comes with this update. There’s a bunch of new features for existing users.

  • The app now has a Repeater effect, so if you liked the kinds of effects you could get with the Korg Kaoss Pad, then this is for you
  • Also there is a new “touch” Button which can be used to switch the behavior of each of the 4 effect channels. With touch (Mode) activated, the effects wet signal is manipulated by your touch behavior: When you touch down the XY Pad and fool around the effect is on, when you touch Up you finger the effect is off, which is pretty useful
  • What’s more there are new Tremolo and Vibrato effect to get some vintage Guitar/Piano sounds
  • Plus a new distortion effect (Chunk)
  • This brings the total number of effects in the app to 40 in every one of the 4 channels

Whilst they were at it the developer also reworked all demo presets, and added an audio file as an input source to every demo, to give users an immediate idea of what kind of sounds you can create with certain effects and routings. To make this easier they’ve added the demo (Mode) button in the demo presets overlay: If demo Mode is set to “Allowed”, each demo will play a prepared audio loop to listen to the effect. This is great to step through the demo presets (in standalone) and listen to them. If you already know the app, you can switch demo Mode off (“Disallow”) and use your own audio files as input, or a microphone as input or an external line in as input. With demo Mode disallowed you can then switch through the different presets without changing the input source and the choose audio file. When Elastic FX is in an Audiobus or InterApp-Audio session this is the default behaviour, demo Mode is deactivated automatically.

Elastic FX costs $6.99 on the app store now:

Here’s the developer’s pre-release video showing what version 1.1 brings:

And here’s Doug from the Soundtestroom showing what Elastic FX is capable of: