Prolific audio app developer Aleksandar Mlazev has added a new AUv3 app to his growing range of FX apps for iOS. You may remember Aleksandar from posts about his previous apps such as “Vibrato“, “REMAKE” (a multiband effect), and most recently “Alien Box“.

His latest creation was apparently inspired by the mayan pyramids acoustic echo. Which isn’t something I’m particularly familiar with, but it sounds intriguing. The app is an echo effect Audio Unit V3. According to Aleksandar

“I come up with a complex phase modulated frequency of the echo so you can change it’s frequency signature. It is kind of changing the material of the reflective surface and I called it “Stone F”.
I have made the echo to sound more music friendly to me but there is button called “UFO” and if you press it the effect is more close to the mayan just shifting the frequency backwards (I liked that better). You can also control the feedback of the phase modulation.”

Stone Echo can work as a stand alone app and also as an audio unit AUV3 plug-in, but comes with a warning that Stone Echo is an effect that is heavy on the CPU.

The app features the following controls:

  • Time – time offset of the echo
  • Stone F – frequency response of the echo
  • Feedback – echo feedback
  • Level – the volume of the echo
  • UFO – heavy modulated echo

Whilst it does sound like an interesting idea, my main issue with Stone Echo and the other apps from this developer is that they all do look the same. They’re all based around the same UI and it isn’t particularly easy to tell one from another. This may seem like a somewhat minor point, but it is important in my view, and, with a little design work, I think all of these app would benefit.

Stone Echo is on the app store now and costs $1.99: