Sometimes, there are effects you could build whole albums or live sets on. Behold the sonic wonders, then, of Dekoboko凸凹FX for Max for Live.

There’s all sorts of lovely mayhem here, from subtle step-sequenced filtering to all-out, degraded soundscapes in cascading patterns.

Tokyo-based developer Art Frequencies is releasing this one for free for Max for Live through the end of August. Here’s what they’ve told CDM:

My name is Raphael Leray, founder at Art Frequencies, an indie audio software company based in Tokyo/Japan. Yesterday we released our first product: Dekoboko凸凹FX, a max for live audio effect available for free until the 30/08/2017.

This effect combines in an original way a stereo state variable filters controlled by a step sequencer for both left and right stereo outputs and a degrader effect acting on the sample rate and bitrate of the input sound.

You also get 3 independent LFOs with 5 types of waveforms, each working in Sync or Frequency mod to control the filter frequency, resonance, and sample rate, allowing you to carve even more complex rhythmic patterns into your sound input.

You will find a video demonstration, soundcloud examples and more details about our effect at our website.