Music as Game: Guitar Hero Ships (+ Hackable Controller?)

According to the folks at Penny Arcade, Guitar Hero has started to hit stores. A look at the guitar-playing game, and hints for hacking it into Max/MSP, after the break: Guitar Hero [Official Game Site]

Audio Damage Recreates Moog Filter Bank as Plugin

One of our favorite plugin developers has just launched a recreation of one of the greatest filters of all time. It’s the 907A Fixed Filter Bank, which recreates the classic filter bank on the Moog Modular synth’s 907A module. If you haven’t had the chance to play with a real 907A, there are plenty of […]

New USB Korg Keyboard Samples on SD, Has 90s-Vintage Sound Bank? [Updated]

GearJunkies has hit the rumor mill again with photos and specs on a new Korg keyboard called the TR. Apparently, it’s real — see the Japanese spec page. Built-in USB, pattern and groove sequencing, and basic sampling features with recording onto SD media could be cool. But here’s a back to the future moment for […]

9-String Bass God, Mario Bros Musician, Interviewed

Joe at Tinfoil points us to his interview with Jean Baudin, the 9-string bass geek whose masterful performance of the Super Mario Bros. theme song launched him to Internet superstardom. He even talks about an 11-string bass. Every wish you could route all 11 strings to a different surround speaker? Now that’d require one serious, […]

Video Games Live, Reviewed: Symphony Orchestra Gets Serious about Game Music

CDM’s resident game composer W. Brent Latta was lucky enough to get to see Video Games Live in Seattle, a major concert of game music, new and old. Unfortunately, concerts in other markets have been cancelled (see VGL announcement and a message from organizers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall), though hopes are high for more […]

Scoop: Future Brian Moore Guitar to Run MIDI + Audio Over USB

Since CDM broke details of the new Brian Moore USB-based guitar, many of you have been asking: if you can carry audio over a USB cable, why not simultaneous audio and MIDI data? With both, you could both record audio and control soft synths. Electric guitars, of course, don’t transmit MIDI directly since they’re analog […]

History of Electronic Music: Download the 1971 Film Strip

Ever thought you’d be downloading a film strip, as a QuickTime MPEG4, no less? Here’s a good excuse: the superb bending and DIY blog GetLoFi has posted a two-part history of electronic music film strip from 1971, authored by Nick Rossi. When they say “history,” they ain’t kiddin’: the strip starts 2600 years ago. As […]

Fake Science Launches Indie Music Store; SF Party

This Friday November 4, our friends at Fake Science Labs (home of some terrific podcasts) will be launching a new way for independent labels and artists to sell their music online. Here’s what’s revolutionary about it: $2 per EP (5 songs or less) / $5 per LP 60% of the money goes direct to the […]

Why USB Guitars are a Good Idea (And Digital Guitars in General)

If you haven’t been following the message threads about the iGuitar.USB, we’ve got a pretty good discussion going: see commentary on the original story and in response to our iGuitar.USB Q&A. So, why does a USB cable on a guitar make sense? While it’s not for everyone, basically it lets you plug and play your […]

TonePort USB Shipping; Computer Effects for Vocalists

When you hear live computer effects, the emphasis is almost always on guitarists. What about vocalists? Line6 is building vocal-centered effects into their eminently-affordable TonePort USB line, which (via Harmony Central) is shipping as of now. Starting at under US$200, a singer with a laptop and a good mic doesn’t have to balk at going […]