NAMM Insider: Bits from the Floor

Sure, you could read dry press releases on other sites (I'm working through my stack and will be posting through the weekend), but CDM correspondent Lee Sherman has been prowling the NAMM show floor for some insider info. (Thanks, Lee!) -PK Overheard at Nord: A Nord employee with a decidedly Swedish accent confirms that the […]

Will Apple Charge for Logic Update?

I expressed surprise earlier this week that Apple's Logic didn't get an update at NAMM, but Apple has publicly confirmed an update is coming, reports Harmony Central. The new update will add import support for GarageBand 2 and track-wide pitch and timing correction (those features are currently available in plugin form, but presumably this will […]

Review: Ableton Live 4 (Macworld)

Various readers have wanted to know more about Ableton Live, the audio workstation / sequencer / looping / live performance software. I use it regularly in production and performance, and reviewed the latest version in the January 2005 issue of Macworld. The free online version of that review is now available, so go check it […]

New Novation Keyboard Shots, Bag

The folks at Novation, the synth company now owned by Focusrite, have sent along some images of their X-Station keyboards which are finally shipping here in the US. In addition to new keyboards with more keys, the company has now formally announced specially-designed bags for the X-Stations as we first glimpsed at AES in October. […]

Mackie Tracktion 2: Audio Workstation Revealed

Mackie's Tracktion is a newcomer to the Audio/MIDI multitrack DAW scene, but its one-window interface and powerful features have earned it a lot of respect — especially when it comes free with some interfaces and cost well under $100. Tracktion 2 is here now and sweetens the deal without sacrificing the elegance of the interface: […]

Korg Kontrol49: Full-Sized Keyboard for Computer Music

Korg's Micro Kontrol was wildly popular, but many shied away because it had tiny keys. The Kontrol49 has the favorite features of the Micro — plus some extras — but gives your digits full-sized black & whites: Pro-feel, full-size keys with the "Korg touch" and 8 velocity curves Traditional pitch and mod wheels plus a […]

Korg Oasys Keyboard-Computer Hybrid, Powered by Linux

The hardware keyboard empire, on the sidelines for the computer music renaissance, is striking back with new hybrid hardware. And Linux is spreading through digital music equipment — fast. Witness the new Linux-powered Korg behemoth: the second-generation OASYS keyboard announced today, as rumors predicted. Linux-powered computer, running entirely-proprietary Korg software on top (expansion appears to […]

Logic Pro 7.01, not 7.1

Apple has updated Logic Pro to version 7.01; the update is currently only available via Software Update and doesn't appear on There are numerous bug fixes in there (some resolving serious issues), though no significant feature changes. This would appear to quash reports that a 7.1 update to Logic would introduce some new features […]

DriveGenius: Drive Optimization for OS X

Defragmentation is still critical for peak disk performance for digital audio, even under new versions of OS X — even the Apple Logic documentation suggests it. Only problem is: there's not much on the Mac that's any good. Some utilities even require you to boot into OS 9. Which is why today's announcement of Drive […]

String Studio Physical Modeling Synth

Montréal-based Applied Acoustics has announced a new physical modeling synth at NAMM, as expected. String Studio models the interaction of picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, dampers and soundboards for more realistic recreations of real instruments like guitars, basses, harps, clavinets, bowed sounds and percussion, as well as to create wild new sounds of imagined instruments […]