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Cybersonica: Open Source Fijuu Makes Music in 3D, Navigating with a PS2 Controller

The 3D cards that power games are increasingly enabling new interfaces for music, merging the visual and aural realms. One of the most stunning experiments yet is the Fijuu, which just premiered in its second-generation form as a commission for Cybersonica sound art show in London. (Earlier versions have been seen around since 2004.) Fijuu […]

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Open Source Windows/Linux FM Synths

It’s got an incredibly ugly interface, and it ain’t Native Instruments FM7 by any stretch, but CuteVST has two things going for it: first, it’s an FM synth that’s open source, and second, it imports Yamaha DX7 sysex data. So think of the ugly interface as geek cred. It’s the real deal: classic 6-operator synthesis, […]

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Turn Your (Net) Radio On: Open Source Music + Discussion

Chris at Pixelsumo points out that tonight on Resonance FM, London’s 24-hour art radio station, OpenLab is hosting a program on using free and open source software tools for music. Sounds like chat, discussion, and some live sets. 7 PM London time, but of course they’ve got MP3 and Real Audio streams, too, because the […]

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Send Audio Via Network: Jack (Open Source/Free) + Tiger

Deja vu, anyone? The same day that plasq has released their solution for sending audio over a network, Wormhole2, the new Tiger-ready version of Jack is out. Unlike Wormhole, Jack is Open Source, though it’s also Mac- (and Linux-) only; no Windows. Mac users, you don’t have to choose between the two: Jack is great […]

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Open Source Interfaces for Sound: d-touch Tagged Blocks

Here’s even more open source code for creating new sound interfaces using free-moving blocks for control. We looked at Sonicforms, which is both intended as a project and a repository for information. Chris’ project uses a projector aimed at a tabletop for additional feedback, and IR lights for sensing. That adds cost to the system […]

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Sonicforms: New Sound Interfaces/Instruments Go Open Source

“This new media stuff is great, but it’s like it’s never developed very far. It’s like it’s technology for its own sake. How do you make music?” How many times have you heard that? One of the major causes of the “technology for its own sake syndrome” is simple: smart people are spending so much […]

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CLAP is a new open-source plug-in format from Bitwig, u-he – do we need it, and who will use it?

Bitwig and plug-in maker u-he today are announcing a new plug-in format into beta, dubbed CLAP, for CLever Audio Plug-in API. It’s open and has features missing from the leading proprietary formats – and boasts some significant support at launch. So what will that mean for you?

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With gaming giant Epic buying Bandcamp, why not let music-makers put their albums on indie gaming darling, too? Thanks to homebrewed, customizable, free players, it’s now totally doable.

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A free, open-source collection of building blocks unlocks expressive motion in Houdini

It’s powered by math but doesn’t require you to remember your, uh, linear algebra. It’s not a set of presets, but it’s accessible to newcomers and experts alike. MOPs is a free entryway to treating motion like an expressive instrument, and it radically changes the experience of using Houdini for the first time.

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Audacity finds home along open-source MuseScore in new acquisition by growing Muse Group

Sure, it ain’t pretty. But Audacity’s extensive feature set and free status have made this audio editor an essential tool across education and sound production. And now it’s been acquired by the emerging Muse Group. So, who are Muse, and what does this all mean?

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