Two Visions of Instruments from Björk: An App with MIDI, a Gamelan-Celeste with MIDI

Sometimes, images and video can say far more than words, and it’s best to stand back rather than ramble on. (Cough, ahem.) From Björk this year has come two visions of how to make new instruments. The Biophilia software for iOS is an interactive rendition of the album. As apps, you have the curious separation […]

Björk’s Engineer-Music Director Damian Taylor Shares Thoughts on Music, Free Max/MSP Patch

Montreal-based Damian Taylor, music director and engineer for Björk, is the subject of an epic interview on, spanning music, life in Montreal, working with Björk and what makes her special, and what patching in Max/MSP can mean compositionally and creatively. Damian has some especially nice reflections on what having an open-ended music environment can […]

Peter Kirn - October 7, 2011

Björk and Dirty Projectors, Inspired by a Mountain and Whales, Back to Vocal Basics

The live session that inspired the album, in turn inspired by some whales. Photo by Ryan Muir, courtesy Motormouth. Digital music is of course created the moment you commit a recording to a file, so it’s fitting to me that we can take musical inspiration from acoustic sources as well as electronic. And one of […]

- July 13, 2010

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