As a Musician Loses Her Sight, A Rush for Music Apps for the Blind [Hack + Listen]

Take a good, long look at your computer screen. Now imagine you can’t see it. That’s the reality Mandy Matz is facing. At age 36, she’s losing her vision to glaucoma. The musician and multimedia artist makes some beautiful, ethereal music, having cut her teeth on Buzz. Listen to the haunting “Alpha Waves,” her first […]

Gooooooal! A Soccer Ball Music Controller, and Tangible Interface Tips for Music

Free software, a webcam, and some stickers printed on an inkjet can turn any object into a real-world controller. That’s what Paul Rose of Institut Fatima and his team did with a soccer ball (translation for the civilized world: football). The software is powered by the same framework used for the reacTable, but in this […]

- May 27, 2009

Corrected Tangible Interface Hackday RSVP Links

If you’re interested in getting involved in our tangible interface hackday but had trouble filling out the form, here are the corrected links. Somehow I copied the wrong form keys yesterday. RSVP in New York: New Work City Hackday / Party RSVP anywhere you’re working in the world (no commitment, just so we can keep […]

- May 26, 2009

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