Universal Audio just made their interfaces into a live vocoder, more

Why would you want near-zero latency on an effect? Well, maybe you want to run something like a vocoder – and that means the latest addition to Universal Audio’s offerings is a big deal.

The story of the Eventide gear that transformed music, coined “plug-ins”

From the extraordinary first digital breakthroughs of the 70s, when lightbulbs stood in for LEDs, to what may have been the first use of the word “plug-in,”* we the inventors of Eventide’s classics – who now have a Grammy nod of their own.

Peter Kirn - April 26, 2018

bucketEER: Free 16 Delay Line Experimental Reverb for Windows

In memory of Minazo: bucket lover, iconic animal superstar, Web meme, elephant seal among elephant seals. Daz Diamond is back with another wacky, experimental effect. When we last joined Daz, he was sharing strange and wonderful granular, delay, and sidechain effects. Now, he’s been thinking about buckets (as in brigades, as in sets of delay […]

Peter Kirn - September 11, 2008

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