Native Instruments, apparent coffee drinkers and update maniacs, are at
it again with their Guitar Rig guitar effects and amp package. Here's
what's new, among other things, in the free 1.2 update:

  • Four new modules: Fuzz Ace (fuzz pedal based on Arbiter Fuzz Face), Big Fuzz (fuzz pedal based on Electro Harmonix Big Muff), Cat (distortion pedal based on ProCo Rat), Demon Distortion (distortion pedal based on MXR Dime Distortion)
  • 50+ new presets
  • "Volume Learn" automatically adjusts gain of incoming signals
  • Use in Adobe Audition or on Mac on AU-compatible host as a 'music effect' and receive MIDI while recording

That last feature makes it more appealing to non-guitarists like me, at least. Free download for registered users.