Want your notation software's orchestral playback to sound more realistic? The February Keyboard Magazine (US) includes a tutorial (available online) on how to make use of Garritan Personal Orchestra with Sibelius and Finale.
The process is a little involved, partly because of the limitations of
MIDI itself and the MIDI support built into the notation software and
the OS, but I did my best to boil it down to some simple steps.

I have to share this link partly because I'm so excited Keyboard
has fixed the problems with their old site, which rarely included
online content as it should have. Expect to see your local friendly Keyboard writers with a skip in their step, so excited to have a working Website to accompany this month's print redesign!

You can also read my review of MOTU's Digital Performer 4.52 online, free, plus a great cover story on vintage keyboard lovers Keane (among other things!).