Jamie Lidell on Max/MSP, Artists Talk Max Inspiration, Write Musical Odes to Max

Cycling ’74 has posted a fascinating set of videos of artists talking about how they use Max/MSP/Jitter. (Thanks, Kevin!) Jamie Lidell talks about approaching Max as a vocalist and being a “one-man funk tornado.” It’s interesting to me that Max/MSP has made the transition with him from his classic IDM style to funk — solid […]

Akai MPD24: Finally, Gorgeous, Serious Drum Pads for Computers?

Akai’s MPC hardware was terrific in its day, launching whole genres of music. But today, software like Ableton Live (and FL Studio, and many others that function brilliantly with 4×4 sets of pads) give us the flexibility to make new kinds of music. So, even as the MPC hardware has continued to evolve, many of […]

Peter Kirn - July 19, 2006

Alesis Unveils Drum Trigger Interface, Drum Pads

Alesis has its eyes on the drum market with two new products: The Trigger iO is a trigger-to-MIDI percussion interface for drum triggers. It will go head to head with Roland’s TMC-6. There’s no predicting how good this will be until we see it, but from a marketing standpoint, it looks like a smart direction: […]

Peter Kirn - July 19, 2006

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