Pierre Pinard points us to new Logitech hardware that could work well with music software (and other multimedia, graphics, and creative software):

NuLOOQ Professional [Logitech.com]

The NuLOOQ is like Griffin’s PowerMate USB knob on steroids. The top of the interface is a touch-sensitive dial. The spring-loaded collar beneath is a twistable control. There are three customizable trigger buttons on top. There’s also a customizable “tool menu” that can appear under your cursor for still more control. The hardware takes some cues from the PowerMate, including an aluminum base and blue LED lights that “create the after-hours vibe of a martini-lounge.”

Okay, manufacturers, sorry, but your blue LED lights don’t create the vibe of a “martini-lounge,” or what those of us in the real world call the bar. They create the blindingly-annoying vibe of every piece of electronics we buy today. But I’m nonetheless anxious to get my hands — erm, hand — on this. US$149.99 is a little steep, but if they’ve gotten the details of the controls right, this could have some of the versatility the PowerMate lacked — and I’ll always pay extra for quality, if they’ve gotten the feel right. I’d love to think up some helpful templates for music and visual software. Stay tuned.

Mac users: yep, drivers are Universal for Intel Macs, like many of Logitech’s excellent input devices.