M-Audio Announces Vista Drivers, But Many Aren’t Ready Just Yet

Music hardware giant M-Audio has been one of the big obstacles to Vista compatibility for many users. (We certainly heard from many of you that you didn’t want to upgrade until M-Audio support was ready.) They’re announcing driver support today. Note that “announcing” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re available right this instant, but it does sound […]

Guitar Strumming on the Nintendo DS, Coming Stateside; Videos Galore

M-06, the previously Japan-only game that allows you to transform a Nintendo DS into a guitar, is coming to the US via Ubisoft, reports Newsweek’s OneUp. (What’s this? DS music in Newsweek? Times have changed!) Exclusive: Ubisoft to Publish Jam Sessions, an Improved Version of Japanese Cult Hit Guitar Game, in North America This June […]

Peter Kirn - May 30, 2007

More DIY Music Tables: MultiTouch Console, Built in Processing

Via Music thing (be sure to read the comments, in which they sort out what it actually is), here’s another multi-touch music table built on freely-available tools: MultiTouch Console Quite a lot of tools have been connected to make this happen, but they’re all out there so you could do something similar. Let’s see if […]

Peter Kirn - May 30, 2007

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